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Self-Identified Gleek “Doing the Work” On Racism

By Will Kertzman and Isaac DeMarchi

We all remember Glee, and if we don’t, it’s because we blocked it out. Good thing too; freaky ass show. 

But I digress. Apparently, there are still people who identify as “gleeks” or “glee geeks.” One of those people is Skidmore’s very own Kembra Holliday (class of 2024), who has remained an enormous fan of a show whose first season was good for about 5 episodes before it became an overblown and grotesque parody of itself.

But all that aside, when systemic racism was at last put front and center over the summer, Kembra wasted no time getting to work on addressing these issues as best she could. First, she rewatched any and all clips of the show featuring Mercedes, making sure to post pictures of her doing so on social media with the captions “#blacklivesmatter” and “#yassqueen.” 

She then went to instagram live to talk about how much Glee had taught her about “what it feels like to be a minority,” and then encouraged others who hadn’t seen the show to watch it so they could have “a window into the minority experience.”

Kembra reached out to us to tell us that “many people of color have had “things” to say to her over the last few months, and that she “hears those concerns,” but thinks that if they “just watched the show they’d understand just how healing the power of song can be in such divisive times.”

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