The Skidmo’ Daily, Skidmore College’s only intentionally satirical newspaper, was founded in the winter of 2013 by Jack Rosen ’16.

After months of pleading with The Skidmore News to remove him from their email list to no real avail, Jack decided to start his own paper out of some sort of protest. He quickly cobbled together a staff, starting with classmate, and later Editor-in-Chief, George Lubitz ’17. With Jack at the helm and George as Content Director, the two set out to find writers, artists, and sarcastic students alike, but they didn’t have to try very hard. As it turned out, there are plenty of things on Skidmore’s campus that are worth making fun of–cigarette-addicted squirrels or otherwise.

To this day, The Skidmo’ Daily is committed to publishing the top quality of content that is not only satirical and funny, but also relevant and poignant. Plus any filler that wouldn’t cut it anywhere else.

Current Staff:

Isaac DeMarchi ’23 & Will Kertzman ’22, Editors-in-Chief

Tom Pahl ’21, Deputy Editor

Justin Rizzi ’23, Treasurer

Margaret Limone ’23, Publicist

Ian Chlorian ’23Secretary

Jenna Lucash ’22, Health & Saftey Officer

Matt Pearlman ’24, Underling

Contributing writers can be found in editions of The Skidmo’ Daily.

Former Idiots*:

Jack Rosen ’16

George Lubitz ’17

Doug Patrick ’18

Hannah Kotler & Max LoSardo ’20